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What makes one best florist singapore?

With the measures relaxing and the economy entering Phase 2, flower wholesalers are reopening. During the Circuit Breaker period, the supply chain was severely disrupted by the closure of global borders, and there were virtually no flowers for a period of time. Fortunately, things have begun to improve slightly, and some prices have been revised due to higher transportation costs. Singapore does not have a single flower market. Instead, wholesalers in Singapore operate independently and are dispersed across the island. So, what really makes one the best florist singapore?


Some essential qualities one should look for in a florist:


  • Having a keen sense of balance, color, and harmony is essential for any florist.
  • Looking to wow customers with stunning arrangements, creativity is essential.
  • They must have excellent customer service skills because they spend a significant portion of their day interacting with customers and suppliers.
  • They must be able to understand what a customer wants, explain alternatives, and ensure high-quality flowers and service.
  • They stock the freshest flowers, stay on top of trends, know what they’re talking about, and, most importantly, they care.
  • It takes real skill to convey emotion and tone through cut flowers, and a great florist brings a genuine love of the art to the florist singapore

How do I find my flower supplier?


  • Your first stop should be online flower sellers.
  • Look for vendors who can guarantee the shortest supply chain from the grower to your door.
  • Additionally, look for a vendor who can provide an uninterrupted cold chain.
  • Teleflora’s Stems and Bunches is currently the only online wholesale florist that can make this promise.

Where do flowers come from to Singapore?

  • Because Singapore is in the Tropics and has limited land space, orchids are one of the few flowers grown locally and exported.
  • Because orchids are perfectly suited to our climate, a bouquet of them can last for a long time.
  • The majority of fresh flowers are imported from China, Kenya, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. Some come from Colombia, India, and Italy.
  • That is why the cost of flowers in Singapore is so much higher than in other countries.
  • Each country has its own specialty exports, and the same flower from different countries may have different characteristics (such as size, color, or price).



Head to the various flower importers/wholesalers around Singapore for quantity and variety. Not everyone can use the entire bunch of flowers purchased from wholesalers. Hobbyists who want to buy small quantities of flowers for a single arrangement or to give as gifts to friends can go to their local wet markets or grocery stores. There are many amazing florists who know their job well, the best florist Singapore might be closer than you think, you just got to explore and while you’re at it, enjoy the beauty.