federal & state criminal defense law firm

Selecting the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Charges

Undoubtedly, an arrest is an arrest. No, not always. The person who arrested you will have an impact on your next steps after an arrest and the lawyer you retain. You will require a federal & state criminal defense law firm if the offender was a member of the federal law enforcement community, such as an agent from the FBI, DEA, or ATF. You require a lawyer who is admitted to the Florida bar if you were detained by a member of the state or local police force. Here, we go over the significance of this.

Significant variations between state and federal criminal cases

The state’s approach to criminal cases and the federal government’s approach to them differ in many important ways. Not every defense lawyer has the necessary expertise to handle both types of cases. Several significant variations include the following:

  • Courts

Prosecutors and judges designated to that particular court handle state and federal crimes in separate courts. To represent clients in court, defense attorneys also need to be admitted. Not all Florida defense lawyers are authorized to represent clients in federal court.

  • Procedure

Between a state court and a federal court, there are differences at every stage of a criminal case, from the investigation to the arrest to the trial. You should therefore hire a lawyer who has trial experience in the court where your case is being heard.

  • Sentencing

Even when the crime is the same, like drug possession, the sentences for state and federal crimes vary. The punishments you face in your specific case must be known to your lawyer.

  • Options Following Conviction

Between state and federal cases, there are significant differences in how appeals and other post-conviction relief options must be filed. An adept federal criminal defense lawyer will be aware of your options and the timeframe for taking action. Ask any defense lawyer you speak with in the first instance if they have a license to practice in the court that is prosecuting you.

A criminal defense lawyer should be consulted if you are accused of committing a federal or state crime or are the subject of an investigation. A lawyer with experience representing clients in federal court should be consulted for federal charges as the laws that apply there differ greatly from those in state courts. Anytime you are facing criminal charges, you need to work with a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours in the court where the charges are being brought. An attorney can guide you through the criminal justice system and help you get the best result for your case, whether you’re in federal or state court.