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Beauty In Simplicity: Industrial Interior Design HDB

Beauty, while subjective, is something that can affect one’s life quite a bit directly and indirectly. Many studies have shown that aesthetically beautiful scenarios and rooms can help improve one’s mental health, productivity and even sleeping patterns. With the role of beauty so integral in one’s life, many opt to design their home in a manner that suits them as well as makes it look aesthetical and pleasing to the eye. The industrial interior design hdb is based exactly on that ideology.

While beauty can come in many forms, the best one is the beauty that can be found in simplicity — especially when it comes to interior design or its maintenance of it. A professional look for one’s workspace, office and even modern home can making quite pleasing to many who connect the best with that aesthetic.

industrial interior design hdb

What is industrial interior design?

In a nutshell, it is the interior design of a room or a house in neutral colours with wooden and metal frame furniture or articles. It has a utilitarian look that makes it seem raw and ‘unfinished’. This can be mostly seen in the communal spaces or lobbies in hotels, schools and even centres. It gives a professional vibe to the space; thus, the name ‘industrial interior design.’

However, while one may think of it as a boring or impersonal interior design, such is not the case — it is simply focused more on the utility and functionality of the furniture and design, giving it a bare look to suit the rest of the venue or ‘aesthetic’ of the place, which is more often than not a professional workplace.

Even in the case of houses, most houses with this kind of interior design have so before they are sold. This look is used as the bare look to make buyers interested in the house — showing them the potential of the house without hiding it with some customised interior design.

Industrial interior design is also quite cheap to design while also giving the space an elegant and professional feel to it.


In the end, the aesthetic of a place should match the purpose the space is used for. This is why industrial interior design is often seen in professional and commercial settings, making it both a common and uncommon sight that one can explore if they wish to focus more on the functionality of the furniture and design while also giving it a simple yet elegant aesthetic.