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Gender affirmation surgery is the best surgery where you can get your genital organs replaced and also it can be practiced only by few surgeons across United States. if you want to get access to that visit gender reassignment doctors near me where you can get your male to female or female to male bottom surgery. Usually the surgery is considered as grs surgery and also the surgeons there will explain you the entire procedure once you consider to get the reassignment done. there is insert quite good and also if you want to get this surgery done there is a very famous doctor   Abdullah who can do the most comprehensive surgeries and provide you with best results. If you want to get complete surgery done it takes up to five hours where they can replace transgender woman genitalia with fully functional female genitals. so this is considered as gender affirming surgery and it is done by the famous surgeon doctor Abdullah who is very experienced in this field.

1.     what is the procedure of male to female surgery

  • The first and foremost thing is they will do penectomy which means they will completely remove the pennies and then they have to do the procedure of orchidectomy which means they have to remove the testicles and also spermatic cord which will ultimately decrease the testosterone levels in your body
  • once this is done then they will do you retro plastic that means shortening of existing urethra and then they will relocate the opening. after this is done they will proceed with vaginoplasty, that means during this procedure erectile tissue is removed and this skin is inverted in order to create a vaginal cavity
  • and then they will do liberal plastic in order to create minor and major Libya and then they will do clitora plasty finally. So if you want to get the entire procedure done accurately and with the help of a better surgeons visit gender reassignment doctors near me is the best platform where you can get the entire procedure done with accuracy and also the success is very good
  • So if you want to get the so it’s really done then visit this platform this is the right place and also you will get a lot of benefits that is the success rate is high enough and also the follow up is very good so you will let you decide results if you visit this surgeon.