How to choose each kind of material in bathroom designing

It is a coated surface material that is particularly shiny, with a surface that refers to the ceramic effect. The sensation of shine fades in the Geacrylmatt version, which introduces a velvety finish. It can be declined in a wide variety of colors without the risk of wear, because the color is not a simple paint but a gelcoat, applied directly on the mold, which chemically binds to the material and therefore makes it highly resistant to stains . The surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth and water bathroom ideas in fenton, mo.

Precious material for its sustainability, recyclability and long life. Ceramic is a great classic in the bathroom. Used for many years, it is recommended for those looking for a high resistance to aggressive detergents and an excellent quality-price ratio.

The defect of ceramic, as everyone knows, is given by the possibility of chipping as a result of impacts. Today it is available in different colors and shapes.

Solid wood

Solid wood allows for a customization and authenticity that is difficult to find in other materials. The tops in cut and brushed trunks are very beautiful. Generally a water repellent treatment suitable for the humid environment is carried out.

However, it should be handled with care, to avoid permanent damage caused by hair dyes, toothpastes or aggressive detergents.

Steel or metals

Steel is a very resistant material, but despite this it still needs proper maintenance. It is a trendy material, used above all for the industrial style combined with wooden parts. Aesthetically very beautiful, it is not recommended for those who love practical and easy-to-clean materials.


Concrete is a substance with great traditional potential, a real innovative force with a bad impression. In current years it remembers conquered an area of respect in inner structure and acquired a highly aesthetic added value. Thanks to its unconventional identity, concrete is ideal for contemporary style environments.

Choosing the most suitable sink for your bathroom is a process that requires time and attention. Shapes, colors and design are among the aspects to consider, that is, those that concern the purely subjective sphere. When we have to choose between the many materials for the bathroom sink , how do we orient ourselves towards the right choice?

Two aspects to consider when choosing the materials for the bathroom sink

Choosing the materials for the bathroom sink is not an immediate process.