Learn How to play Counter-Strike 1.6 Game

The internet is a great help to everyone. Whether by providing answers to a specific question or by way of communicating to others. Technology affects people’s way of living. It brings a great impact to many in a good way. Also, it is a good source of relaxation and entertainment.

There are a lot of kids and even adults that are hooked on playing online games. There are different game choices available online to try on. That may vary depending on the age of users. Of course, children 18 years below still need guidance from their parents. If you’re an online game lover even before. Then maybe you already encountered or played counter strike 1.6 indir türk.

What is Counter-Strike 1.6?

 Counter-Strike 1.6 is a famous multiplayer first-person shooter video game. In which a team of terrorist battle to commit an act of terror. Such as assassination, hostage-taking, bombing. While counter-terrorists try to stop it (hostage rescue, bomb defusal). It was released in the beginning as a modification (“mod”) for Half-Life. That was planned by Jess Cliffe and Minh Gooseman. It is still the best and most exciting game of its type for more than a decade. It has the best place that has a great setting for gamers. To showcase their mouse skills.


 Counter-Strike is objective-based and has two opposing teams. The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. That is competing in game modes to complete aims. Such as protecting or securing hostages and securing a location to plant or defuse a bomb. Players are rewarded at the end of every round based on their performance. The amount earned can be spent on more powerful weapons in every following round.

There are few seconds to buy equipment before every round starts. They can select various weapons. Grenades, body armor, and even equipment for bomb defusal.  This specific version of the game was distributed by WarZone. Comprising all the legendary game modes. From the franchise such as DE_Dust, DE_Aztec, CS_Assault, CS_Mansion, and many more.  The game has less than 300 megabytes and doesn’t have anything extra to play.

There are three official scenarios in Counter-Strike. Each with its teams, maps, and objectives.

The three official scenarios in Counter-Strike:

  • Hostage rescue- hostages are being kept by the Terrorists. Official maps present between 3 and hostages. The Terrorists must stop the hostages from being saved.
  • Bomb defusal- this scenario has two bomb sites. The bomb must be planted at the bomb site. The bomb will explode after it was planted, for a certain time. Once the bomb explodes, the Terrorists will get the round.
  • Assassination- it is the least famous of the three and has only a single map. The Terrorists have to take out the VIP. Victory can be achieved by removing the opposing team.