Cloud retail

All about What is Cloud retail

Cloud retail is a technology platform that makes it simple for companies to sell their goods online. The platform is extremely adaptable and can meet the demands of different businesses, from small startups to major corporations. Cloud retail’s modular architecture allows for customization to meet each company’s unique needs.

The company was started in 2014 with a vision to provide businesses with cheap and easily accessible technology that can help them to grow their business online. Its office is present in different cities in Singapore. Apart from cloud retail singapore, the company is present in many other nations across the globe.

How does Cloud Retail begin its journey?

Numerous brands are searching for additional sales channels for their products as supermarkets charge exorbitant fees for store placements and expensive rent makes it challenging for suppliers to establish their stores. Although many believed that online sales could be a viable alternative, the high advertising costs on various platforms like Facebook and Google make it too expensive.

Their team recognized unmanned technologies, such as traditional vending machines, as a potential solution. They provide a cost-effective way to sell products due to their low overheads and flexibility in location. However, the vending machines currently available in the market lack the versatility necessary to meet the growing demand. So they developed their vending machine called Cloud retail Machine.

Its Cloud retail Machine is a smart autonomous retail kiosk that combines the best of traditional vending machines with modern technology. These micro-retail outlets are similar in size to vending machines but offer a much more streamlined and user-friendly experience for customers.

cloud retail

Benefits of Cloud retail:

  • upfront costs-Brick mortar requires a significant initial cost, which increases your risk and results in a considerably longer payback period. Renovations, store fittings, and agency fees are not necessary to launch Cloud retail.
  • Monthly costs-Rental costs, agency fees, and an increase in orders, inventory, and customers are all need to make renting a space financially viable. We charge a far lower starting price than opening a store.
  • staff needed-Locating, constructing, obtaining permits, and launching your own space might take three months or longer. As there is no stretched new construction process with Cloud retail, you can open swiftly and hassle-free.


Why you should connect with CloudRetail?

  • Network and retail coverage expansion-Reach tens of thousands of online shoppers and have your products included in their delivery orders. This increases the reach of your brand.
  • Reduce the expenses of logistics-The company will handle all the fulfillment and logistics so you can concentrate on your retail operation.
  • Data access and inventory management-Real-time inventory and sales data management dashboards.
  • Deliver goods on-demand-Distribute your products from their locations across the island to your customers in 60 minutes

CloudRetail in the food and beverage sector

Businesses in the food and beverage sector can easily create and manage their online stores with cloud retail singapore, which provide a variety of payment and fulfillment options, and gain insightful information about the behavior and buying habits of their customers through the platform’s comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.