Best Thriller Web Series that is Based on Crime Investigation

Best Thriller Web Series that is Based on Crime Investigation

Aha features a lot of content in Tamil as well as other regional languages. It has diverse content for the Tamil audience as well. It regularly features new Tamil web series and movies on the OTT platform to cater to a growing audience base of the platform.


One such web series that has been trending is Irai.


Irai has been climbing up the charts with a nail-biting narrative, superb acting, and amazing production values. Rajesh Selva of Thoonga Vanam fame helms the directorial hat for Irai. It starts off by showing two distinct timelines, one of the 80s and one of the 2019 phase. Some viewers felt that, initially, the two parallel narratives seemed disconnected. But the makers have made the two narratives blend together beautifully to provide a satisfying viewing experience.


What is the web series about?

The series focuses on a semi-retired policeman, Vasudevan (Sarath Kumar). He is summoned again to solve the kidnapping case of MLA Sivakumar (Abhishek Shankar). His investigation team comprises of tow more officers, Anitha (Shrisha) and Mani (Karuppu Nambiyar). 


It tries to relate to the suspenseful past going twenty-thirty years back, in order to solve the present case.


As opposed to being a simple kidnapping case, the web series shows how it has a layered nuance. As the actor tries to peel off layer after layer behind the kidnapping drama, he starts to learn the truth that was hidden from the world all this while. 


Is the hero able to solve the kidnapping case? Will he be able to save the MLA and bring him home safe and sound? Who is the culprit in this case? Watch the series on Aha to find out answers to these questions.


Standout Performances

The lead actor Sarath Kumar has garnered immense acclaim for his role as a semi-retired police officer. The way he radiates calmness and style has made fans sit up and take notice. The subtle dialogue delivery, too, has enamoured viewers. Ashok, played by Srikrishna Dayal, too comes across as a stellar performance.


Plot details

The plot tries to induce a shocking revelation related to the kidnapping case. It focuses on immaculate police procedures and the investigation that tries to solve the mystery behind the kidnapping. The emphasis is rarely on the crime itself. It frees up time to investigate the crime thoroughly and bring justice. This type of angle also ties up the flashback part and the story’s connection with the same.


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