Character development for children

Importance of Character development for children singapore

Structured character education, like reading, writing, and math, is a part of the curriculum in several schools. To improve the social fabric of the school and community, schools strive to develop the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, compassion, and citizenship in their pupils. character development for children Singapore, however, cannot take place solely in the classroom.

Character traits emerge as a result of a complex interaction between family, school, and community influences. It also comes from the child’s temperament, experiences, and choices. Parents have multiple options and resources to help their children develop their character. Using them will provide the joy and satisfaction of watching their children mature into persons of integrity and compassion.

  1. Be a role model for others

Parents who model positive character attributes in their children effectively communicate their values to their children. Model the kinds of decisions and actions that go into being a decent person. Children will see this in one’s everyday actions and decisions if they are honest, trustworthy, fair, caring, courteous, and interested in the greater benefit of their family and community. They will also notice that their family experiences joy, happiness, and peace as a result of their actions.

character development for children Singapore

  1. Build character by using teachable moments

Children must also learn that if they disobey their family’s guiding ethics, the parents will punish them fairly and with dignity. Discipline tactics that work let one use instructional moments to develop character. When one corrects the child, always take the opportunity to explain why their behaviour is inappropriate. Make it a habit to determine the value one wants to teach the child based on the specific behaviour in their head. Choose an acceptable consequence to teach that value.

  1. Make practice opportunities available

Before it becomes second nature to children, they must practise what they have learned. It is also true when it comes to developing character. When children watch character-building in action, they can learn vicariously, and when they hear lessons in values, they can learn directly. However, individuals must get practical experience to understand the genuine meaning of the character.

  1. Telling tales from literature and everyday life

It is a very effective way of character development for children singapore as long before when books were invented, parents and teachers used stories to impart moral lessons. One can teach their children about morals and ethics while sharing stories about their life and the world around them. And reinforce the principles by discussing the tales one sees around them (on TV, in books, in the media).

These ways can enable parents to promote healthy character development in their kids.