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Understanding The Great of a Company Secretary

Being a company secretary means holding a managerial position in a public or private company. They must also communicate with shareholders, maintain a list of directors, ensure dividends’ payment, and keep all annual accounts. Despite the connotation of the name, the position of company secretary is not secretarial or clerical.

Company secretary Singapore have high-level responsibilities that include governance structures and arrangements, corporate conduct in the organization’s regulatory environment, meetings of the board of directors, shareholders, and trustees, compliance with legal, regulatory and listing requirements, training and induction of non-executive directors, and personal trustees, contacts with regulators and external bodies, reports and circulars for shareholders/fiduciaries, management of employee benefits.

The company secretary requires skills to succeed in this business area and assist in payroll Singapore. The position requires action, commitment, and extensive corporate knowledge. The company should have at least one secretary, a natural person, and a principal or exclusive residence.

Essential duties of the secretary include the following:

  • Joint coordination of the company’s formal decision-making and reporting mechanism; set the agenda for the meeting with the president and executive director; attend meetings, take minutes; protocol registration; certification of copies of protocols; and ensure correct procedures are followed. Formation of the meeting agenda with the president and the first executive director; attend meetings, take minutes; protocol registration; certification of copies of protocols; and ensure correct procedures are followed.
  • Prepare and obtain internal and external consent for all documentation for distribution to shareholders; coordinate the administration and participation in meetings, take minutes; and ensure correct procedures are followed.

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  • Ensure compliance with the statutes by the company; write and modify according to the appropriate procedures.
  • Supervise and enforce the corporation’s law and other pertinent legal requirements.
  • Joint coordination of the publication and dissemination of the company’s annual report, financial statements, interim advisors, and, in particular, the preparation of the management report.
  • Maintain a register of company members; resolve transfer issues and other issues related to share ownership; and respond to inquiries and requests from shareholders.
  • Communication with shareholders; payment of dividends and interest; issuance of documentation on issues of rights and capitalization; general relations with shareholders; relations with institutional shareholders and their investment protection committees.
  • Monitor movements in the participant registry to identify increased participation in the shares by potential takeover bidders and handle inquiries from members regarding beneficial ownership of shares.


The position of company secretary in corporate companies increases with the improvement of the business. Completing all levels of this educational program entitles the student to lucrative employment opportunities.