Fasteners Manufacturers in India

The Leading Supplier of High-Quality Fasteners in India

Every machinery needs fasteners to hold them together. These are small, but their importance is significant and can’t be overlooked. Fasteners are the main components used in automation, manufacturing, infrastructure, and other things that require assembling. That’s why you shouldn’t lose even one fastener because this one little thing serves a strong purpose. Losing a fastener can lead to consequences. So when your machinery is using a fastener and you need to disassemble it, take note of the fasteners in that machine. Assembling it will be a problem if you lose one.

One of the leading Fasteners Manufacturers in India is Intact360. They offer fasteners of all shapes and sizes. These fasteners are also made in different types of material finishes that make sure to match international standards. Learn more about how Intact360 creates fasteners, and why they are the leading fastener manufacturers in India.

Top-Notch Manufacturing Process of Fasteners by Intact360

Manufacturing of fasteners involves both Cold Forming and Hot Forming, which largely depends on the size of the fasteners. The fastener is formed by pressure forging, cold extrusion, and reduction in Cold Forming. If you prefer larger quantities and their uses are for optimal raw material with a high output, Cold forming is used. Hot forming, on the other hand, is preferred for larger diameters and lengths. Once the necessary cold forming or hot forming is finished, the machining is up next, followed by threading, heat treatment, and surface finishing.

Fasteners Suppliers in India

Surface finishes create a big impact on the fasteners. These make fasteners suitable in certain and specific applications. Most finishes are typically applied for durability against wear and water corrosion, or decorative purposes. Fasteners that are often exposed to conditions where there are high physical stress levels, corrosive elements, and extreme temperatures can benefit from plating/coating.

The Wide Range of Fasteners Available at Intact360

There are many types of fasteners available today, and these are all used for various purposes. These are mostly used in machines, which is why fasteners play a great role in ensuring that the huge machines we see in factories or similar industries are working perfectly. With the different types of machines and structures we see today, it is no question as to why there are a wide variety of fasteners available. Intact360 has all of them, and all you need to do is choose.

  • Stainless Steel (A2/304, A4/316, 316L)
  • Mild Steel, 12.9 Grade, 10.9 Grade, 5.6 Grade, Inconel, 42CrMo4, C55, etc.
  • Custom fasteners: nuts, bolts, washers, threaded rods, studs, anchor bolts, rivets, dowel pins, and more!