Beautiful landscaping suggestions for a swimming pool area

Have you ever thought of a natural swimming pool?

Constructing a pool has long been on your wish list. But, have you ever thought of considering a natural pool? This new phenomenon simulates a natural atmosphere of a pond or a lake where the water plants help in cleaning and filtration. You can be assured of a chemical-free pool after installing this. Since these plants grow in the water you have to design your pool to set up a water garden. There is no special maintenance involved and so this can be a great benefit in the long run. Experts like the Best swimming pool contractor in Peoria can help you how to design a water garden in your swimming pool.

     What it is? It is a relatively new concept in the area of swimming pool construction. Though priced nearly 10 % more than the traditional pools the advantages are many. It is simply defined as a chemical-free pool. A pool without chemicals? Is that even possible because these chlorine and other chemicals are considered cleansing agents? Yes, it is a pool with a water garden comprising plants that can filter the impurities naturally. No more chlorine, no more allergies, and rashes! The plants used are selected specifically for this purpose. Not all plants can fit the purpose. Aquatic plants whose roots have the power to filter and clean the water are used here.

pool squeaky clean

     How is it built? The swimming pool is built in two zones in this case. It is separated by a fenced construction. One part of the pool can be used for swimming and the other part contains a water garden. In this case, the pool size should be a minimum of 320sq ft. Landscaping ideas can be incorporated into building a natural pool too. The separation need not be revealing and can be built as a hidden wall too.

     Cleaning: The growth of algae is the main concern in regular swimming pools. Despite using chemical cleaners, you cannot avoid algae growth. But natural pools have plants that can remove the nitrates and phosphates in water and naturally prevent algae formation. It is like a natural lake or pond atmosphere.

There are specific varieties of aquatic plants like water lilies, and other underwater plants that can supplement oxygen. The availability of these depends on where you reside. Building a natural pool is not done by regular contractors and there are professionals to handle this. They can help you arrange the specific variety of water plants that can be used in your pool. Though the initial cost of laying this kind of a pool is high, you have to understand that frequent maintenance and chemicals are reduced. It helps in long-term benefits. Also, these plants give a unique aesthetic appeal to your pool. You could check here to make sure you’re doing it right.